The Grass is Greener on My Side.

Have you ever had to do something so hard that it was a relief once it was over? It will consume your every thoughts until, finally, you crack. You lose all of the previous emotions that you once had, and it changes who you are overall. 

Did I want to put someone in rehab? No. I didn’t. But they needed it. When you can consistently drink a 40-pack of beer and NOT be drunk, you have a problem. When you stalk someone because you realize that you loved them all along, you have a problem. I didn’t do it because it’s what I wanted, I did it because I care about him enough to want him to have a prosperous and healthy life. 

(Side note: I am not talking about my husband. He refuses to drink or do any type of drugs. Lol.) 

At first, when I realized that it was all over, I was sad. Not for him, but for the people around him. Family and friends that never knew that side of him, are left in a state of disbelief. Disbelief that their boyfriend, son, or best friend had a secret life. Now, I’m happy. I’ve always had a knack for helping people, and I feel like this is helping him and the ones around him. 

As for me, I cannot stress enough how happy I am. I have a loving husband who is extremely protective of me, a family that is more like a clan than anything, and friends that will allow me to vent all of this to them with no hesitation. The grass truly is greener on my side.

It’s been so long since I posted on my blog, so I will end today’s post with a song that has been playing non-stop on my iPhone. Everybody likes music, right? 🙂 



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