To my future daughter(s):

Dear future daughter(s) of mine,

I love you. You’re no where near even being made right now, because your father & I aren’t ready for you, but I want you to know a few things and I have to write things like this before I forget about them.

Here are some ‘Life Lessons’ that I want to make sure you understand by the time you’re a teenager.

1.) Being someone’s “mistress” is NOT something to be proud of. What I mean by that is, hopefully you won’t encounter something like this EVER, but if you should, please be out of high school already. I don’t care how old you are, it’s never okay. That man is someone’s husband. That man is someone’s father, brother, son. Would you want your father to be in his shoes? Or your brother(s)? Think about it. There are plenty of other men out there in this big ol’ world, and you can do so much better than some scum bag who wants to have a “woman on the side”. Another thing to think about—If he’ll do it to his wife, he’ll do it to you.

2.) Always be modest. When I was 15, I grew huge boobs overnight. It was the craziest thing, honestly. At that time, I was on the drum line at my high school, and it was the week of band camp. All the guys stood there and stared at me for a solid week…and at the time, it felt good. Puberty was at it’s highest peak, and I loved the newfound attention I was receiving. Only problem is, I got carried away with it. I wore low-cut shirts, short mini-skirts, and shorts up to my ass cheeks. It gave me a bad reputation. Everyone accused me of being a whore even though I was still a virgin. Don’t be like me. Please. Have some modesty about yourself. It’s okay to dress sexy, but be classy about it. Leave a little for his imagination… It’s way better, I promise.

3.) Embrace your flaws. I will engrave this one especially into your brain. Embrace who you are. You are special, no matter how many “flaws” you think you have. As I’m writing this, your father & I have currently been married almost 5 months, together for 9 months. We fell in love within 2 weeks of dating, and our love has only gotten stronger. The one thing about our love is that we love each other’s so-called flaws. Your father hates the fact that he can’t grow decent facial hair, but I LOVE his facial hair. One of my flaws? I’m not stick thin. I’m not fat, but I’m on the thicker side. He loves that about me, while I have a love/hate relationship with it. I have a Southern accent that I was made fun of for HORRIBLY in high school, but it’s one of the first things your father noticed about me. Love you for YOU.

4.) Don’t take any shit from anyone. Yes, that was quite blunt, but it’s the truth. No matter if it’s one of your friends, or even one of your authority figures, never take shit from anyone. If you notice that you’re being mistreated or used, stand up for yourself. Your father & I will always be there for you in your defense (of course), but we want you to be independent. Life is so much easier when you’re independent, I promise. I’m not saying to go out and kick someone’s ass just for giving you a weird look, but if someone is calling you harsh names, take a stand and deck them in the face.

5.) Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy “boy things”. Just because you’re a girl, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play video games or football with your friends. Never let anyone tell you differently. As you’ve grown up, you’ve noticed that your father & I love to play video games (assuming that we even care about them anymore. I’m 20. I still love them. Lol). There’s nothing wrong with me playing them. It’s what I enjoy. It’s how I unwind. It’s my escape from reality per say. If you ever come across a guy that’s giving you shit about playing video games, beat him at it.

6.) Never underestimate my love for you. I know your father feels the same way, but you’ll have to refer to his blog post about this subject (if he even posts one. :P). At this point, you haven’t even been thought of yet. We are broke college kids at the moment. We don’t even have a place of our own. We live with my parents, which would more than likely be your “Granny” & “Papa”. At least that’s what your oldest cousins call them. No matter, I love you anyways. I have no idea what you’ll look like, or who you’ll be when you grow up, or what your personality will be, but I don’t care. I love you anyways. That’s the one thing I want you to never forget. I don’t care if you think you’ve committed the most heinous crime, you can always come to me. I won’t judge you for what you’ve done, because I was your age once…Trust me, I made way more mistakes than you can even count. My parents love me anyways. I’m not saying you won’t be punished, but I will never disown you. Ever.

I’m sure as the years go by, and I actually get pregnant with you at some point, this list will get longer.

Your nagging mother at 20 years old.


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