Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend’s almost here, and that makes me happier than it probably should. 😉 

I just wanted to say to all of you, a big THANK YOU. You all still continue to support me, no matter what I’m talking or ranting about. You really don’t know just how much that means to me. When I first started this blog, I didn’t care if I had any followers or not. I just needed somewhere to go to bitch about unnecessary things. Once I started gaining followers and support, the more I realized that I needed it. Everyone needs it. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone is listening to me. So, thank you! If I could hug each & every one of you, I would. 

This week started my husband’s new job, and he loves it. It’s more hours, but it’s closer to home. That, on top of him catching bacterial bronchitis, we’ve had a lot of negative things trying to attack us. There’s been turmoil in our families, and I’m on the “journey” to try and resolve it. Wish me luck, please. 

I’m stressed out to the max, but I know it’ll all work out someway, somehow. 

Take a breather today, guys. Just relax for a minute or two. Say a prayer for someone. Or yourself. Whichever you choose. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. 



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